Superleggera V4

Superleggera V4
165 kW
116 Nm
Seat Height
835 mm
Riding Modes, Power Modes
Dreams matter

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived. 

We share our further step towards engineering excellence with you, Ducati enthusiasts around the world.

Every product we craft is a declaration of our lust for perfection. But none is comparable to Superleggera. In this project, we modeled the most advanced carbon fibre into futuristic aerodynamic-driven shapes. Here we realized our dreams as engineers, manufacturers and passionate riders.

The new Superleggera V4 is, first and foremost, a true statement. It is where we draw the line between trying and doing. It is our foremost pioneristic creature.

And I am very proud to present to you our greatest masterpiece of engineering, technology and design by giving you the story of its deepest secrets and its most refined details.

A story of style, sophistication, performance and trust.

Dedicated to all dreamers.

Claudio Domenicali.
Ducati Motor Holding CEO.

Evolutionary Technology

Interview with

Edoardo Lenoci,

Ducati Aerodynamic Development Manager.

At Ducati we started doing research and development in motorcycle aerodynamics before anyone else in the world. We were the first ones to introduce aerodynamic innovations in the world’s top motorcycle competition. This is a fact.

The development of aerodynamic methodologies is inevitably linked to Ducati Corse and therefore to the design of unique racing prototypes. A context where every thousandth of a second can make the difference and where the bar for excellence is very high. From season to season the projects change and evolve, but some milestones remain.

We talked about it with Edoardo Lenoci, Ducati Aerodynamic Development Manager.

“The GP16 aerodynamic design was undoubtedly our most powerful and effective project. The evolution of the MotoGP rules did not allowed us to continue the development in that direction, and today all the legal layouts for aerodynamic appendages are based on closed C-shapes which are globally less efficient than previous ones.

We had been looking for a way to continue the development interrupted in 2017. Breathing new life into our best aerodynamic project”.

Ducati has always had the best performing engines in the racing world, it’s nothing new. But when you’re dealing with such power jewels, getting the power to the ground properly is all. And here aerodynamics does an important job.

“The vertical load that the GP16 wings configuration can generate on the Superleggera V4 is sensational. If we take our Panigale V4 as a starting point, the aero package upgrade of the V42020 increases the downforce by 30%, while the Superleggera V4 project reaches 50%. These are very significant numbers and the impact on riding style is immediate”.

True innovation does not complicate: it simplifies. The work done with the application of this aeropackage on the Superleggera V4 makes the bike easier to ride. It fully values all the power of the vehicle, not making the full intervention of electronic systems necessary to reduce the power supplied. The vertical load on the front makes the acceleration less complex to handle. The throttle can be opened earlier and the bike remains glued to the ground.

“It’s often thought that a particularly advanced motorcycle requires a huge amount of electronics aid, but that’s not the case. By working on different dynamic and aerodynamic features there is less of a need to develop the bike’s electronics. Wing surfaces act intelligently by developing stability as speed increases, for example reducing the need for anti-wheelie systems. And this aspect is very evident when exiting corners and in full acceleration, where, by limiting the intervention of electronics, engine torque is less reduced”.

For example, we found during the tests at Mugello that at the end of the last corner, thanks to aerodynamics alone, we managed to gain an 8 m lead on the straight. 8 m are many.

It is part of the Ducati DNA to always look for new ways and find side solutions that are innovative and unexpected. This unpredictability of innovation is an important part of our character, of our identity, which while continuing to evolve remains unmistakably Ducati.

“Working on this project, bringing the GP16 aerodynamic package to this bike, was really important. Not only for the incredible performance that was added, but also because of the cultural change it represents. By carrying aerodynamics to two-wheeled production vehicles, Ducati began a cultural change in which the research effort in MotoGP contaminates the development of production bikes. A transfer of knowledge that from a limited prototyping environment benefits a large number of enthusiasts, allowing them to experience sensations previously reserved only for professional riders. It’s a big change. And it helps us to have this revolution accepted as part of the motorcycling culture”.


Superleggera V4: Dreams Matter

Panigale V4 becomes Superleggera: the dream bike comes true, and it is a Ducati! We are proud to announce that again we pushed the boundary of sports bikes: 152,2 Kg dry weight for 234 HP (in race configuration) for this incredible bike.

Superleggera V4

Superleggera V4

835 mm (32.9 in)
1.480 mm (58,3 in)
998 cc
165 kW (224 hp) @ 15,250 rpm - 174 kW (234 hp) @ 15.500 rpm with full racing exhaust
116 Nm (85.6 lb-ft) @ 11,750 rpm - 119 Nm (87.7 lb-ft) @ 11.750 rpm with full racing exhaust
Tech specs
Lightweight Power

The engine design is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive features of Ducati. A field in which the desmodromic timing system has become a signature feature. Developing the engine for project Superleggera V4 means making the most sophisticated Ducati engine ever made. Piece by piece, working on every single component to make it as light as possible. Finding space for innovation in every detail.

Engineering Esthetics

The Ducati design philosophy is built by subtraction, recognizing the purest style in the in-depth research of essential shapes. Even the aesthetics of color is built with respect for the nature of the elements. And in the Superleggera V4 it is possible to distinguish with the Ducati Red the original color of the precious materials that compose it: the different types of carbon, titanium, aluminum.

Speed emotion

Ducati Superleggera V4 is the best that contemporary motorcycle engineering can express. It is the dream that comes true. The result of the most innovative research on materials dynamics and engineering. A search that reaches its fulfillment when the bike is brought to the track and tested by the pilot who can finally feel the most intense emotions.

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